Frejoth International LTD has proudly stood the test of time since our establishment in 1973.   The mission of Frejoth International LTD is to become a leading company in providing outstanding machine products at a fair price.  Our integrity is never compromised and we make a positive contribution to society.  The strategy of Frejoth International LTD in carrying out mission is as follows.  We anticipate consumer needs and constantly strive to improve everything we do.  At Frejoth International LTD ,  we create partnerships to better connect with our customers.  We carefully select alliance opportunities that enable us to deliver better machine products into the marketplace at a reasonable price.  Frejoth International LTD will support our dealers at nation and regional trade show events to promote awareness of our products in the market place.  We place a strong emphasis on quality.  All equipment will be inspected and tested for compliance to our quality standards.

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has a large variety of machines-tool able to anticipate and suply the whole word market with high-technology performance developed abroad, offering also a great cost-benefit relation to our customers


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